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New to this but learning...
Ok, I've started my own server now, I have tweaked it a bit and I am pleased with some of the features... HOWEVER!!!
I am not sure how to set it so that there is always a minimum of 4 bots/players in the game at once.
Many servers have this. There is always either 4 bots, or a mix of both, as a player joins a team, he replaces a bot, as a player leaves he is replaced by a bot.
Does anyone understand what I mean?

Also some of my maps only have a default playtime of 30 seconds, so unless there is an admin in there during a mapchange, the server will only play dust and italy, the rest are 30 seconds then its on to the next map lol!!!! PLease someone help me with these if possible, I jsut can't seem to figure it out.
bot_quota 4

bot_quota_mode fill

add that to ur bot.cfg or server.cfg either way... and restart the server.. it will do exactly that.. i have it set on my server now...
do you have config files for your maps?

check your mp_timelimit cvar
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yea.. lol.. i forgot about the second question.. yea.. if some maps run right.. and some maps have the wrong timelimit.. then i think that somehow a cfg file got created for some of the individual maps... it would be simular to the server.cfg.. just instead of server it would say the map name....

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