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Custom maps not loading
Hey I just installed a new TF2 server on a windows server 2003 machine and it won't load any custom maps. I keep getting these errors.

CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: No such map 'maps/arena_harvest_v2.bsp'
changelevel failed: arena_harvest_v2 not found

Everything looks correct. I cleared the graphs folder and there's no ztmp files to be found. Is there something else i have to do?
Did you put in the arena_harvest_v2.bsp into your srcds/cstrike/maps

That exactly that error you would get, when you don't have the map insite your srcds/cstrike/maps folders Smile
They're in the same folder as the default maps.
When I ran a separate server on the same machine in the administrator account it let me load custom maps. Is that what I have to do? Is there a certain permission I can give the other account to let it load custom maps?

EDIT: I figured it out. The account that's running the server needed ownership of the maps folder. Bottom line. Install the server with the account that runs it.
Thanks for posting your solution Smile.
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