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Adding Bots
Using the hldsupdatetool, downloaded srcdc hl2mp server software.
Got the server up and running ok with friends being able to join from the internet.
Now we would like to add a Bot or two.

What would I need and exactly how would we go about it?
Many thanks in advance.
rcon_password mypassword

rcon bot_add
rcon bot_add_ct
rcon bot_add_t

you could also install mani admin plugin

You would want to Download the one on the top right corner.
[Image: 461031727.png]

He said this was hl2mp. Those commands only work for CSS. I am not sure about hl2mp.
Many thanks Dub.
Would I add the 3 commands on the server console or our game machine console?
In-game console.

But you must have a RCon password on the server. And before entering the 3 commands, you must type in the RCon password (rcon_password xxx)
Did the rcon_password xxxxxx ok
I can use "say" commands ok
But: when I key in the first command rcon bot_add I get message

Unable to connect to remote server (

Did you use rcon say 123123

And then the console wrote Console: 123123 ?
realchamp Wrote:Did you use rcon say 123123

And then the console wrote Console: 123123 ?
I just used "say 123456" and the message on server console is :johnnya: 123456
If I use "rcon say 123456" I get the cannot connect message as above.
if you had mani you could use ma_rcon ive seen this problem before and its even happend to me. here a wild shot. try changin the way you connect to the server. for example if u connect by clickin at the master server list. then try connectin by clickin where the lan tab is. just a wild shot.
[Image: 461031727.png]

Tks Dub. I connected via lan tab as suggested.
Rcon password worked.
Say 123456 works.
But, when I put the command "rcon bot_add" in,
I get "unknown command :bot_add"
Do you run the server by the ingame "Create Server"?

And try bot_add t
Not sure what you mean by "Create Server"

The server is run on a dedicated box and the game client is on another box.

I tried the add_bot t in both Lan and Internet connection and get
"unknown command"
It's bot_add

Ohh okay. Nvm with the "Create Server"
Tried the "bot_add" also.

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