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More then 1 server to appear in master list?
Hello guys,

Ive recently installed and configured a counterstrike 1.6 server.

its running at 27015

and i have the 27000-27015
and 27020-27039 ports opened to appear in master list.

Now i want to set up a Teamfortress 2 server at another server machine, wich is located on a different lan ip.

Now i cant open port 27015 again, so i run it ofc at 27016. But i cant open port 27020-27039 again to be listed in the master server list.

Is there any workaround for this? to edit a settingsfile to change the port where your server gets detected? or else you need to buy additional IP adress to get out on the list, and thats insane. I see many pole hosting at 15 different ports, and they cant all have additional public ip adresses.

Please tell me there is a way, without buying ip adress, bulding machine-routers to nat the network.

Or Maybe counterstrike uses one certain port, and tf2 another? that should be nice, or at least then there is some thought about it. Anyone with knowledge please?

I know i can run 1 more server at DMZ zone , so it gets trough the firewall completly, but i have 4 servers, so 2 to go Sad

I tried to search for a way to turn of the router's firewall but i guess that is not possible either.
Bump, I'd actually like to know how to do this aswell.
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This is actually a good question Toungue

If you use a modem before your router, you might buy a switch (Switch, not hub!!) and connect your server machines to that, and also your router to the different ports on it. Make sure the switch does not block any ports (it shouldn't) and you should have unrestricted access to the net. However, there is a few security and DDOS doors opened.

But first, try setting one server to use the port forwarding, and another to use DMZ. You might suggest purchasing another IP address from your ISP too Toungue
i just set the TCP/UDP ports the same. seems to be working.. i just used some ridiculous port like 7835.
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