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[BROKEN] hldsupdate -command update -game orangebox
I hope that this 4th attempt to bring this to Valve's attention actually succeeds (I've previous mailed the hlds list, mailed Jason Ruymen directly and attempted to post on the steampowered forums).

On the 5th of March Jason mailed the hlds list letting us know that they'd added a new orangebox game to the hldsupdate system which would enable server admins to once again install fresh servers for orangebox mods (after they'd broken orangebox mods with a TF2 update).

Here's his email:

Jason Ruymen Wrote:Since Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source are on a separate Orangebox engine depot that is incompatible with MODs, we've added a new hldsupdatetool entry to sync to the old files. So if your running a MOD and need to use the old TF 2 engine and dedicated server depots, use the game name "orangebox". There is also an entry named "episode1", in case you need to download the engine and dedicated server files for an EP1 MOD.

This was working fine until a recent TF2 update (the one to fix the crouch jumping I believe), when it appears that someone messed up and -game orangebox started pulling down the new engine rather than the old engine which works for mods (ie: the whole reason why -game orangebox was added).

Please to be fixing!
I used this command today on a fresh install for a mod & all worked fine.

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