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Server Crashing
Hey, I run a server on my comp but prety often ( each 8 hour or so) it crashes..heres a screenshot of the problem...
yea.. i hate that problem.. im in the mits as well to try and find this out.. ill let u know if i find anything..
Yeah that happens on our server too every mapchange when there are some people on the server.
ook.. what i did doesn't solve the problem.. but it helpd it for me... i followd these instrucktions to disable virtual memory...
Quote:There are two things you can try with adjusting your Virtual Memory.

If you have 512MB of memory or more then you can try disabling Virtual Memory completely, or you can increase the file size:

Left click on My Computer - select Properties - Go to the Advanced Tab to the right and click on it - In the performance section ;

click on advanced options - In the lower box you will see Virtual Memory.

To disable - click on "No Paging File" and the "SET".

To increase the size (400 min and 2000 Max) add in 256MB steps
and click on "SET' - the size is usually not more then 2X your physical memory.

Alternately you can click "System Managed Size" then "SET".

- You will have to reboot your system for the changes to take effect.

and then since it still happens everynow and then.. so i then followd these links....

this disables error messages.. so it will stop that message from popping up (but the server will still crash just the same.. but without the notification)

and then i installed something calld mean serverloader.. which automatically loads and reloads the server if it crashes... go here to find out about that.. and so far it all works good.. if the server crashes where normally i wo uld get that error. it just closes.. and gets kickd right back on... with no human interface...

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