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[Tutorial] My Server is Lagging! Help!!!
The Problem:
My server is lagging! Please help me!!!

The Answers:
1) Hardware Usage - It is common that if you don't have the processor, RAM, or other hardware setup to run SRCDS, it will lag your game. A good way to determine of it is your hardware is to open task manager in Windows (Control + Alt + Delete) and click on the Performance tab. Make sure that your CPU usage isn't going above 60%-80% or so (when the server has people), because that is when it will start getting laggy in game. [Note: Remember that CPU can vary between games, server action, and map] Also keep an eye on your Page file in there. That is the amount of RAM you are using. Chances are if you have 4gb of RAM and you are running 1 12 slot server, this will not be a problem, but it's always nice to check.

2) Bandwidth Usage - It is also common that people have a bad internet connection. This means when you run a speed test, it is possible you are trying to run too many slots on your internet connection. The best way to determine this is by watching peoples pings in your server. If they are all 40, and then when another person connects, 400, that can be a sign of a bad connection on your part. You might try reducing either the tickrate on your server, or the player slots, or both to make sure this doesn't happen.

3) Running the Server on the Same computer as you play on - I know that I already wrote a whole post about that in the general section, but I can never lecture enough about that- running a server on the same computer you play on gives you nothing but trouble. This can cause bandwidth trouble, for when you are surfing Youtube, it is severely lagging your server (for that case anyone in your network), or if you are doing something that takes up a great deal of hardware or RAM usage, can once again, severely lag your server. Even a simple thing like Yahoo messenger or Firefox can make everyone's pings skyrocket and the server to get incredibly laggy!

Pretty much to summarize this whole post, just to give a heads up on why your server can be lagging, and just a reminder, SRCDS has a defined set of rules, and if they are broken, can cause huge errors with the software.

Please feel free to post reply's with questions or comments, but please don't flame.

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