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Lan but not Internet

OK, So I'm trying to set up an insurgency server on the internet master list, however the problem is, it only shows on lan.

What I did:

I'm on my PC connected to the internet via actiontec router

Did the hldsupdate, downloaded files, etc, everythings fine

sv_lan "0"

forwarded ports:
UDP 1200
UDP 27000 - 27015
TCP 27020 - 27050

start server with internal ip address on port 27015

When server starts, the server is still in lan only, what did i do wrong?
Also make sure that your firewall is turned off, or add SRCDS as an exception. This can also make a difference.
Hm, My firewall was turned off, so i turned it on and added srcds.exe as an exception, neither works, on w/ exception or off completely.
If you want to try something, make the port forwarding range 27000-27040. If that doesn't work, make sure other people are trying to connect via your external IP, not your internal.
The server will always appear in "your" lan tab but to everyone else its on the internet the only way to truly verify this is to have a friend from outside your network find the server and connect to it.
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