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One more?
I runnin a 100tick 12 slot server. Im using a bandwidth monitor to see the use of my upload and it rarely exceeds 1.5kbps.

i have a 4 kbps UP speed. could i run another and i was told before that a 4kbps speed would only be able to run around that many slots. (12-14)

is the BW monitor not workin? If so what is a reliable Bandwidth monitor?

I run scoutzknivez 24/7 is that helping to keep the BW consumption low?
[Image: 461031727.png]

Do you mean mbps instead of kbps?'

You can try to run another server but its nice to have a little room for spikes in bw usage for the server
yes sry i meant 4000kbps that would be 4mbps right?

and umm would it be fine if i just increase the server slot to maybe 14-16?
[Image: 461031727.png]


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