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Netgear Router issue still :-(
everytime i try to start running the server i gett he following error;

'couldnt allocate dedicated sever UDP port'


Anyone help?
hmm.... are the ports opend in the router right??

if u don't know how to open the port.. serch port forwarding on in the support section.. on how to configure my router for a dedicated server... theres a link to a website that has step by step directions on a lot of different routers...
What command are you using to start you server. I get this error if I try and use my external IP instead of my internal IP.
how do i findout the ineternal ip?
ive got it working now howeverm the game only now appears on the LAN list even though the setting are set so its a net game?!
Well, make sure that you have the right ports open. Also, make sure you sv_region and sv_lan set to 0.
well it should be on the lan list.. and there is a change that you just cant find it on the huge server list.. give ur external ip to someone.. and see if they can join.. if they can.. then everythings fine. or post ur ip here.. and ill try it.. if u don't mind.. cuz really of the ports are open.. and lan setting is 0.. it should work.

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