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[TF2] Hi, issue with rotating maps automatically
Hi all, I have been running a TF2 rotation server with three maps, and having problem.

For each map, I made a .cfg file in the "cfg" folder. For example, for 2fort, a "cfg/ctf_2fort.cfg" file.

For the initial testing, I just use the same values for the server.cfg, and the .cfg of each map, as the following:

mp_timelimit 60
mp_winlimit 0
mp_maxrounds 0

I just want the map get changed every 60 minutes, with or without player activity. I would fine tune those values for each map later on, so I cannot just use the server.cfg.

However, from what I see in the server tracking, the map does not change every 60 minutes, instead, one map might run for three straight hours (2fort), and the other runs for 30 minutes (Fastlane). This behavior seems to happen when no actual playing is going on, that is, when the server is empty, or people just come and go without completing a full round.

I am not sure yet, but it seems like when there is an actual playing going on, the map does change in 60 minutes.

Anyone has encountered a similar issue and is willing to share your solution?

It's because the map changes at round_end.

When there's no players on your server, the round_end isn't trigged, so it would just stay on the map for as long as it takes a client to connect.
In TF2, you need people in the server for the timer to tick and the map to change.
There are some ways around this if your search for plugins.
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Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

I searched and found a SourceMod plugin called "AutoChangeMap."

After trying the above plugin for a couple days, I got it working fine now. It does have a weird behavior, that sometimes it doesn't change map at the preset time limit, but instead ~10+ minutes afterward, but in general this plugin is working fine for my need.

I also got a quick question, and don't want to start a new thread for it. I hope someone can help me here.

I am displaying an end round message to the players (by using a plugin). I tried using "sm_csay," but the message doesn't last long enough for my need. I then tried using "sm_msay." While the message lasts longer, the message is also displaying my server name, which is kind of annoying.

Is it possible to make the sm_csay message lasts longer?

Is it possible to use sm_msay, without displaying the server name?

Well I know Mani Admin Plugin has such a feature. You can choose how long time you want the command to stay.

Try searching at their own forums. There might be a sulotion.

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