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Setting up fast downloads
Is there a guide to setting up fast downloads (where user downloads map from a website, but in game instead of server?)
i don't know.. but from what i understand its pretty easy... just upload all the files into a web directory.. and then put in ur server.cfg file sv_downloadurl thats if of course you put all the files in a folder calld cstrike. and im pretty sure sv_downloadurl is the cmd.. not to sure.. haven't been able to get enough webspace to actually try it yet..
Heres an indepth explination I have made:

To use sv_downloadurl you have to do a couple of things.

Ok lets say you have 3 sounds and 1 map for players to use well first we need to find webspace...

Once you have that you MIRROR what you have on your server to what you have on the web server.

Like this

Ok your 3 sounds are 1.mp3 2.mp3 and 3.mp3 and your map is aim_map2

(I am assuming you are using Mani with auto download and you know how to make a .res file)

On your server they would be in these folders...


Ok so lets say your webspace is at

We would make a folder via ftp and name it 'cstrike'

So now your url is....

So now you mirrow your files on to the webserver...


These files need the permissions to allow public users to read them and download them

And in your server.cfg you will now place this CVAR

//Downloadurl CVARS
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

You MUST have the quotes

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