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Starting a new server
I am new to cs:s and was interested in setting up a dedicated server. Before I dive into that project I wanted to know if I would be able to run a server and play the game efficiently on the same computer. Can I play on another server while also running a server on my computer? I currently have a P4 running at 3.4ghz with 2gb of memory. I am sure this is enough to run, but is it recommended?

Ok, first it is NOT recommended to run it on the comp you play with. Homes servers are limited more by bandwidth then computer power (to a point). If you have a old 1Ghz comp around that would be fine to run a server on. If not, then try it and see if people complain about lag. If people dont then dont worry about itToungue
alright.. just to say.. i think that would be fine.. i have a 3.0 ghz comp.. with 1 gig of mem.. and ran a server and playd on the same computer forever.. and always had a packd server.. and the only time people complaind of lagg was when 4 people started to dl the custom maps... so yes.. it will work.. the only reason why i now run it on a different computer that i don't use really is for when i restart or shut down my main one.. so it doesn't affect the server at all..
Well, it depends what setting you are using to run the game with as well. Ive never tried, but I dont think I could host a server with more then a few people while playing 1600x1200 with 4aa and 8af.
im not sure what my resoution is.. but its pretty high.. and i have like all the detail and everything all the way up... everything fine for me.. i don't know.. i love my computer.. i can never bog it down.. lol.

although i guess i should add in i have it overclockd to about 3.4.... that helps
I have a 2.8 p4 with 1g ram. Since Feb I've been using the Steam DS app to run a 7 man server (7man due to bandwidth)with no problems whilst I played as well. I also keep the server running wilst playing different servers and no problems. I use a combination of bots and real players, most real players at 1 time 6 with 4 bots. worked fine. Last month I started using the SRCDS stand alone server on the same box as I play and still no problems. Do it. It's always nice to see who joins your servers. However, don't do what my mate did and DL large files at the same time.

If you have high lat players on, you may experience problems, so try and discourage 150+ lat players. Your lat however should never reach above 20.

PS if you want proof, look for Pearl Jam Fans and have a game if someone's on. it would more than likely be me.
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