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Crash on startup. Wierd error
When my server tryes to start it does this. (see picture)

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Dont know what it means and i cant find anything on it. Removed all plugins and still does it.
Running SRCDS on Vista is not the best, I know that much.

Does the server still run? Can you connect to it? If so, those are the SRCDS "mystery errors." Toungue
It just crashes over and over.
Do you play on the same computer as you host the server? If so, click the link in my signature Toungue
JDB, I assume you're running a fairly fresh install and that you've updated everything in HLDSUpdateTool?

If this is the case, how exactly did you "disable all your plugins"? You might have done this in the wrong way, or perhaps you've actually made something worse by messing with them.

I would, to be on the safe side, make a completely new install in a new folder and run it. If the same error is produced you are lacking some kind of component in your operating system...

How long has this error been going on?
No actualy the server is 6 months old I updated it like a month ago it just randomly started happening.

All my plugins are run off metamod so if I delete the metamod.vdf every plugin turns off.

It is running on the PC I play css on its set up correctly worked fine for almost a half of a year now.

I think valve did something to mess it up today right around the same time it started doing this they disabled one of my accounts. I had over $200 worth of games on it =(

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