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Team Fortress 2 Update Released (Duck Fix)
Who called it?
Duck fix and even a CVAR!

Well done Valve! Smile

Jason Wrote:The required update for Team Fortress 2 has been released. Please run hldsupdatetool to receive it. The specific changes include:

- You can now duck twice in the air. Scout double jumps reset the in-air jump counts
- Increased the jump velocity to account for the tuned bounding box sizes. Jump height should now match the prior-to-last-update heights
Added "tf_clamp_airducks" convar, set to 1 by default
- Setting it to 0 will remove all constraints on ducking while in the air. Useful for servers running RJ challenge maps.

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These updates are annoying. I vote that they ask us before they update Toungue
Or do updates only once a month
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It would be nice to have it on like a Sunday Morning, so I can update my servers when no one is really playing Toungue
Or it would be really nice if they fixed the autoupdate feature so the servers would update themselves. But that might be asking too much.
Well you can update them automaticly with a batch script. If you are interessed, I can give you one Smile
I realize that's possible, but considering they have "-autoupdate" in the command line options, it should work. Otherwise it should be removed.
Well, I think that's to much to ask for Toungue

Or it's a question about time before they discover it. Wink

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