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Bandwidth ...
Im putting together a spec for a server i want hosted by a local isp

but i need to know bandwidth requirements for a 24/32 slot server so the dude cant rip me off please let me know how much i should allow / how much i should be paying and for what

Thanks in advance ;0)
Why go through an ISP, when you could possibly just get colocation for about a $100 per month? That way you can send any server, and have a set amount of bandwidth.

If you are only hosting 1 server, at 32 slots, I wouldn't let them charge you over $50, since you can rent one for that price Toungue
its cool i have a great way to get my servers up and running for free

but i need the server running first before i can start to make some money from it :0)

do you know how much bandwidth a full 32 slot server uses ?
It depends on many factors, I know, but I am not sure of the exact number. If you are going to be selling, don't host it with your ISP, use a colocation company with several bandwidth providers and in a popular location like Chicago or Los Angeles.
again, that depends on some factors, how many fps is the server, what tickrate, full 24/7, etc.
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it would be 24/7 and just default settings ... with all talk no mods apart from sourcemod and custom levels

just an approximation would do
And map transfers. Just to be safe, I would pay for 1TB of monthly bandwidth, so if you do go over, you don't get the whooping brought down too hard Toungue
ok ill include this when i give him the spec for the quote ... dont worry tho im gonna post it on here first see if you guys thik its acceptable

.... im gonna go round all the young hip shops in my town and hopefully sell them sprays / storefronts on custom levels and maps .... and name the server something like MyTown Game Server if it takes off ill be hosting lots of servers lol

hurah for in game advertising lol
Jeez, where do you get colocation for $100 bucks a month? Anyway, 1 TB should be fine in terms of bandwidth but why are you using an entire box for one TF2 server. I think you would be better off just buying a server.
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