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people cant see my server
ok i fixed the gameinfo.txt error, but when i give people my ip addresss from they say they cant find it.last time i had a server it was for css too and it worked fine! now it doesnt and i didnt do anything to ruin it! HELP
yes sv_lan is at 0
you must have a router.. if you can connect find from another computer on your local area network.. then your router is blocking the ports.. if it workd before make sure the ip didn't change. cuz most routers you have to forward the port to a specific ip. just chaeck your router settings.
ok look

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alright.. so the internal ip of your server is the internal ip of the server would be the one that it says on your main console window. and if thats not ....101 then all them ports are forwared to the wrong computer... and that can be a security risk. and would also explain why its not working. thats about the only think i can think of
and also.. i don't think that many needs to be open.... like 27020 is for hltv.. and 12000 to 27015? why do all of them have to be open? that will let in people tryin to hack ur computer.. all that really needs to be open is 27015 in both tcp and udp...

well for steam in general it says u need
Quote:UDP 1200 (used for friends service)
UDP 27000 to 27015 inclusive
TCP 27020 to 27039 inclusive
but i haven't ever opend them up.. and never a problem..
THNX GUYS!(i fixed everything)
awesome.. good to hear it.
How did u fix it? Is there a way u can tell me so I could do it too? Thanks

I dont get how you fixed it?
could someone show me a screenshot of there ports.
One that works thank you!

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ok heres a pic of mine ive tried some things taht didnt work so i reset it please tell what i put and where

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