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Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server [ Help ]

I'm trying to make a TF2 Server, and, everytime i try to use it...

[Image: privateerror01.jpg]

It uses my ip:

How can i use my external ip, nobody can connect and every time i use try to use (Force with +ip command) it says cannot allocate any server ip port.

Can someone help me please?
Don't use the Steam Dedicated Server Tool. Use SRCDS Smile


Before people can connect to your server, you must do portforwarding. ( Smile
And also, don't run the server on the same computer you play on.
Kay guys, i tried with the new tool... and..
i get the same thing.


[Image: privateerror02.jpg]

my ip don't look correct, i mean, nobody can connect to my server and..
if i force the external ip, it crash...

Can somebody help, i tried the static ip thing but i need help
You must do portforwarding Smile (
Ah, ok i tried but i freezed on this step, look if i'm doing it right, i'm sorry, i'm like a newb on this thing.

[Image: privateerror03.jpg]

I translated it to everbody understand
my friend had some troubles running it on vista

we switched to xp for the server looks like your using vista

the steam dedicated server and SRCDS dont work on vista to my knowledge

but im a noob so dont take my word for it
It can run on Vista, just with problems. I would recommend using another computer with XP on it to run this server. If not, just use a Linux platform, like Ubuntu on a separate computer.
ubuntu rocks ... if you havnt used it yet i highly recommend it !!! 'you'll never use microsoft again' lol
I am trying to switch over to using 100% Ubuntu, with Windows running in virtual box Big Grin
yeah i havnt used wine yet but ive seen a few vids on utube ....

it all makes sense tho ....

i now understand why ms bought adobe & macromedia

if they'd developed cross platform ms would of been screwed

.... i can see why the want google so bad now lol

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