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threadtools.h (191) : Assertion Failed: (size_t)p % 4 == 0
Hey sorry if this is in the wrong section or that this has been asked already but i already did look, i run a Garry's Mod server and it works great most of the time but about 2 times a day it will crash with that error. Basically i don't see any pattern here and would love to know what is causing this and how i can fix it.

in console it shows:
refcount.h (81) : Assertion Failed: m_cRef > 0
threadtools.h (191) : Assertion Failed: (size_t)p % 4 == 0

it also pops up with a dialog message saying:
The instruction at "0x0ff4bf84" referenced memory at "0x01100005". The memory could not be "written".
Click on OK to terminate the program

Please help me with this problem as it's affecting badly my server.[/code]
I get these errors a lot too...
The memory ones I think you need to ignore...

The assertion ones crash the server...
But I'm just as confused as you.
Recently found out if you play on the same computer the server is hosted on, it can cause this problem. Wink
Rarely for me though, IDK about you.
Try running hldsupdatetool with -verify_all at the end of the command line. Also, is any other applications failing on your server?
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Not for me...

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