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FPS issues (FPSboost and +FPS_max set)(Not resolved)
Hey guys, I used to have a dedicated server and it ran fine with 500fps
I used the +fps_max in the command line and also the fpsbooster as well.
Well recently i got a new box Q6600 4Gb RAm 2k3 enterprise
And now i tried to do the same thing and i dont get no higher than 345 fps..
It mostly stays at 250 and hits 300 mark sometimes...
Can any one help out of what is going on here?
Feel free to contact me Via xfire nopdswat, and steam nopd_swat
+max_fps 0 ?
I have no idear whether this will effect anything but run fpsbooster on the same core as Srcds. It's always worth a shot.
~ trewq
Good idea.. Ima try the +fps_max And the same core, but if that works, how would i get it on all the other cores? Considering i host more than 1 server....
I spiked once.... to 495.... and 335....
No luck anything else you could think of?
And i made mistake on the CPU its a q8600.. Big Grin
I still havnt figured it out..
tell your host to enable HPET, and disable intel speedstep if enabled.
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
I colocate, Is there anything i need to tell the network guys?
Boot into bios and tell them to do it, but you should have everything always set up before you send it in. Also try a different fps booster, or open windows media player and see if that helps
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I have only seen but one booster and thats the srcdsfpsboost and i have tried the windows media player as well.
I have told the techs to do that for me..
thanks, ill get back to yall when they get back to me.
Kay guys..
This is what they said//
"After doing some research on HPET with the motherboard and the OS that you have on there, it seems as though enabling the HPET and disabling speedstep won't do anything to help the FPS. HPET was designed for newer current operating systems. According to Microsoft, the support isn't for XP, Windows 2K3. It is however supported in Vista and Win2K8. If you had a Linux OS on the server it would also be supported. I would still be more than happy to complete this for you, but know that it will not change the current FPS."
And on top of that, i went into the server randomly and i got 512 fps like i should for like 5 mins, then i disconnected and it went back down, and i didnt change anything in the server...
Wtf is going on here?
Any ideas??
And on top of allll thisss.
I open a server cmd in the server, and it shows as 512 fps
In game rcon stats says differnt..
it shows 250
Im confuzzled...
Rcon stats can fluxuate depending on the addons that you run which is why using rcon stats is not really that stable
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