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mp_timelimit and mp_maxrounds
Lets say I have mp_timelimit set to 60 and mp_maxrounds set to 0. If its 50 minutes and a new round starts, and 10 minutes into that round, the round has not finished, will the server change map or will it continue the round until its over?
It will continue (game time per map in minutes)
My other problem is when I set max_rounds to 4 on pl_goldrush (and mp_timelimit was 120 so time did not run out), it would not change map until after 6 rounds. I guess goldrush has 3 sections? and it wont change until your at the last one? Is there a way to get around that?

I tried this on goldrush with mp_timelimit 10 and mp_maxrounds 0 and it produced the same effect, forced me to finish all 3 sections of goldrush before changing the map.


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