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Hide window MS-DOS of srcds.exe
Is there any parameter for hide the window ms-dos what show the program SRCDS.EXE?

Thank you!
Run it as a service. There are a few third-party programs to do that.
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You can always minimize it O.o
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yeah, either minimize it, or run it as a service. easiest way to run it as a service is use firedaemon.
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it woulld be nice if they included a command line param for this ;0)

i can feel another app coming on lol

.... if you want to call it from a .bat file and close the .bat you called ds from

do this use start instead of just calling the exe:

start srcds.exe -etcetc

rather than just

srcds.exe -etcetc

you can add a service in dos by typing

sc create srcds.exe -etcetc

and remove it with

sc delete srcds.exe -blahblah

or delete / add the reg keys in regedit
Thank you!!!

But I have created one service named SRCDS with the tools of windows resource kits.

I go to Control Panel and look the services and the service SRCDS is loaded OK.
If I look the processes loaded there is one process named srcds.exe.

All is OK!!!!!

But if I test my server with HLSW it isn't seen and nobody can connect my server.
If I execute the srcds.bat without service my friends can connect my server.

Where is the problem¿?

add startup paramenters to your service like the -console and stuff
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S O L V E D!!!!

Thank you!
sweet ;0)

btw you should change your thread prefix to [resolved] so people can look for answers to the same problem

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