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Hey guys.

I've started to write my own game panel but I thought I would be aswell looking at others (preferably Open Source) before i spend a long time writing my own one.

Im currently playing around with GamePanelX although it looks like theres next-to-no support, Im planning to have a look at gamecreate and Swift Panel looks nice but im still not convinced its good enough to justify and extra cost.

Cheers, Adam
I am currently using swiftpanel and I have no complaints. It does what it has to do. It's very well layed out as well. Price ain't so bad either.
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gamecreate sucks use swiftpanel. We used gamecreate and every time there was a tf2 update the servers would crash and take 10 days to update because the content server is in Australia and it took forever to push the update out
Next to no support? My forums are quite active and bugs get resolved relatively quickly, for having only one developer.
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GamePanelX Pro has been re-released free and open source, it's under the GNU GPL v3.
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