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Hello. I've been trying to make a SRCDS zombie panic: source server for a few months now and no matter what I try i have not been able to get it out on the internet. I'm the only one that can connect. I am running Windows Vista. I have an Actiontec DSL modem (model number gt701-wg, provided by qwest) and a Belkin router (model number F5D7230-4). I have forwarded the needed ports from the modem ( to the router ( and from my router to my computer ( and disabled my windows firewall. I have shut down zone alarm and windows defender, and yet people cannot connect. Should i be forwarding ports on my modem? The modem doubles as a wireless router, but it's not enabled. I have also posted this in the ZPS forums but no help was there. I know this is a general server issue because I've tried to make a RunUO server as well (for another game) and I can't even connect using my dns hostname.

here is a picture of the port forwarding:
[Image: portforwardsettingszv9.png]

Any help is much appreciated. I tried to be as concise as possible. if you need any other info let me know.

okay i have an update here. i tested my port on the internet and this is what i got (notice the port isn't the same in the last picture... i've changed it a couple times between now and then... that was a while ago):

Testing on address

Failed to connect on TCP 27023
Connected on UDP 27023

Partial Connection
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Also, I would recommend opening 27015 too, since that is like the default port for SRCDS Toungue

27000-27035 should all be open, I think.
Yes 27000-27035 are the correct port range for srcds
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And if I were you I'd forward both TCP and UDP just because. As I'm not a 100% sure on which one SRCDS uses I'd go on the safe side of things (and on the diagnostic side of things).

Here's a great article on the differences between TCP and UDP : .
You can clearly see form his forwarding pictures he did not forward the ports in a range lol he forwarded only the ports you see there. ex: 27035 and 27020 but not 27020-27035 like it should be.
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just giving you an update on this:

after searching on google for router/modem combo or something to that effect i ran into a thread on portforward explaining that if your modem has routing capabilities and you have a seperate router as well, port forwarding often doesn't work. I'll try this without my router to see if it helps.

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