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Joining my own internet server from lan.

Have an extra box (2.4 Pentium 4, 1GB Ram) and thought it would make a good server.

I have followed the tutorials and it seemed to work alright.

I used this command line first:

-console -game cstrike +map de_dust -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate

This worked for me, but i had to use that computers specifed LAN adress, and not the WAN one. So i could run around on the server all by myself.

So i used that +ip <myip> and that -port 27016. I did that port forwarding on my router and the server shows up on the list from my WAN ip.

But now I can no longer join the game. It keeps telling me my steam ticket has expired, and when i re-enter my password it tells me its expired again... I can join other servers, why not my own? My server computer is not logged into steam...

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated...

(Also it states in the consol that it cannot load my server.cfg file, i made doubly sure to save it as .cfg not sure if that would matter, i figured it would just use default settings then? It does say connected to steam and such)

Thanks Much.
Try this:

1. Make sure you join over LAN not the WAN tab ingame. You get the steam ticket error if you do.

2. Make sure it is not saved as server.cfg.txt or something. To check, open my computer, tools, folder options, view, and make sure the "hide extensions for known file types" box is unchecked. Then go back to the folder with the server.cfg, and see if it really has the extension .cfg
yea.. i think u were just trying to connect from ur external ip.. and not the lan ip.. cuz you have to connect with the lan address.. everyone from the internet world.. has to connect with the external ip.. sux kinda
Yea, you guys were right. I had to try it a few differnt ways with the ports and such, but I eventually got it going. And showing the true extentions is very usefull. I have since installed Mani Mod and it's working good. Big Grin

Thanks for you help guys.

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