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[resolved] srcds not booting ...
it loads the game setup screen fine but when i click start server it just says loading for about 3 seconds and then quits .... no error message no crash ie the app just quits .... any ideas ?

other than a clear down n reinstall of steam & TF2 lol .... as i've tried this n still no joy :0(

.... my last plan of action is to format my pc
Do you use the Steam Dedicated Tool? (In Steam - Tools) Smile
He clearly is.
Install use HLDSupdateTool to install the server.
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many thanks for your replies ... ill have a look at the hlds tool

... 1 thing will this let me boot a TF:2 server as it wont be running through steam ?
Yes, you can host more games with SRCDS tool(Valve games mostly) Smile

Possible games:
many thanks for the last post mate ... i have the server downloading and updating now ;0)
This website is actually for the SRCDS tool, not the Steam junk Toungue

Good idea switching over Big Grin
btw for any one interested ...

i downloaded the hldsupdatetool

i made a dir on my c: called srcds and copied the hldsupdate tool there ...

i ran this which installed the latest hldsupdatetool

i then opened a dos window changed dir to

cd program files\valve\hlserver

and from that dir i ran

hldsupdatetool -command update -game "tf" -dir c:\srcds

it crashed twice so i deleted the data ran the update command again and it worked ^^

the full TF2 DS DL was 2.47 gig so be prepared for a wait lol
Actually, this is exactly what it says on the main portion of this website in detail:

So no need to state what the right way is here Toungue

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