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nub dat needs help
i have downlaoded the windows versinon and have absolutly 0 knowledge on how to add maps
Just take your downloaded maps(c:/program files/steam/SteamApps/steamaccount/counter-strike: source/cstrike/maps)

And drag them into the "maps" folder on your server.

Now just change to it, like "changelevel <mapname>"
yea...uhh.... i dont see a "maps" folder.....
Tell us a little more how you installed this, and where you installed it on your computer. Then we can help you find it Smile
ummmmmmmm...... I just downlaoded the little steam tools thingy (that is what i do right?)
Did you download the Steam Tool? (Steam - Tools) This tool? If so, don't use it. Smile

Try with SRCDS. Then you'll be better of.

You should have a maps folder. Make sure your server is updated. Smile
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K Thx

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