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ok more problems
Ok i opened the ports on my computer thru my router and i did something by exiting aim and steam and then people started connecting to my server but my bro went unplugged my network cable from our router so i plugged it into a different port and made a new static ip and now when i try to join my server i get
Disconnect: Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket(server was
unable to contact the authentication server, 35).. and no one else even trys to connect so what am i doin wrong
if ur computer got unplugged from the router.. and then replugged in.. the computer could have a different internal ip then before.. so any port you had forwarded on the router.. should be changed to the different internal ip??
Also, make sure you are joining in the lan tab.
1. go smack your bro round the head with a tire iron
2. reset the static ip on your server to what it was
3. change all administration pw's on your routers and systems.
4. for added bonus points get a wallmounted lockable cabinet for your routers and server, hirer a security guard with a stun baton to defend said cabinet.
I personally prefer to use a laser security system with robots that pwn ass whenever my brother comes to mess with my equipment. Toungue

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