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left4dead server won't start
i did install left4dead on hlsdupdatetool, i did create sortcruit for it and i did put this there
E:\Srcds\srcds.exe -console -game left4dead -dir -verify_all +ip +hostport 27015 +map l4d_hospital01_apartment.bsp .

When i try start nothing happens
i did try game as l4d and left4dead_full and l4d_full but same. Only when console opens is when i put there l4d\left4dead but then theres come next error. proseduurs startposition SteamGameServer_GetHSteamPipe do not wound dynamic linked from liberary steam_api.dll. It should be froten diffrent way but i did need translate it from windows languake.
take out -dir from the line and try -game left4dead
problem was thath nobody did tell me thath l4d have own srcds exe.

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