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Does this plugin exist??
Hi Guys!

I have a quick question is there any plugin that can move teleporters and create spawn points in mid air etc.

Also can someone host the hlstatsx daemon for me? that would be great!
not a specific plugin but you can do something like this in mani

ie. spawn as rocket/demo and rocket jump to the place you want the tele set the teleport in mani then swap classes and teleport bk to your location
Spawn points are controlled by the map and teleporters, i don't know if that exists but im sure if you post the idea on the allied modders forum someone would make it.

Also, HLstatsX:CE daemon, i think someone was offering to host it pretty damn cheap.
ok thanks guys on a server i saw the admins moving teleporters and stuff,

also with mani (im using tf) when i hit add bot it does nothing

the server i saw it on is this

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