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I Can't Join my Server
Alright so I got my server setup awhile ago and it worked pretty good. I manged to test my map with it. Than I added a new thing to the "server.cfg" I added "net_maxfilesize 75" for it. I made it so I can move my files from my computer straight to my server though the "Network" thing on Vista. And I finally I accidently unplugged my network cable which I believe caused the problem but I plugged it back in and my IP is the same and everything. I redid everything and I still couldn't join. I even removed the HLserver alltogther and reinstalled it! And I still can't join! Right now I asked one of my steam friends if he can join the server hes going to do that in a minute. Anybody have and suggestions?
If you host on the same machine as you play on, you can only expect errors. Do you host on the same machine you play on?
My post on running servers and playing on the same computer.
No I'm not running it on the same PC...any other help?
**obligatory IT Crowd Quote**
"Have you tried turning it on and off again? Smile

But seriously, have you. What OS does the server have on it?
Yes, I have several times.
CrazyChicken Wrote:Yes, I have several times.

What OS do you have on it?
The Operationing systems is "Windows 2008 Server"

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