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Ok so i portfarword a server before and successfully ran a srcds server on windows.... but i changed provider and got a differeant router.

i go into my and portfawrd the ports i needed but for some reason when i host my server it shows up as

my is a dynatic ip so it does change but the port never stays as 27015 i tryed setting it in the start up etc....
it shows up in my lan ip as but it got to be on the internet...

any ideas how? my router is a Huawei Echolife520s
You need to put your external internet IP in the startup command.

So find out your IP from here:

Then put the IP there in the srcds startup line with:


You get the idea.
ty for the quick reply and i did try that it says in the consle something about a UDP port cannot be found?
killer18 Wrote:ty for the quick reply and i did try that it says in the consle something about a UDP port cannot be found?

Hmm... Could you copy and paste the exact error from command line here?
Don't use your external IP in your startup line!

You can only use your LAN IP! Smile Try that, it should fix your problem Smile
i have used my lan ip but it still does not show the right ports on the server list.
it shows a random port.....


and i think the ports used are right i did use portfarword website
That may be your query port.. I am not sure how to change that though Toungue
How many IPs do you have to your box? 1? 2+?

if you only have one u do not need the -ip line, just -port xxxx
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I am having the same issue with my server in the command line its set to use port 27015 but in game it will show I'm using dmz on my router
I fix the issue now what i did was start srcds before even starting up steam because steam uses 27015 as well so it will take that port and start using your local port used for css when you connet so try that as well kk
nope that did not work it still uses a crazy ass port I did not assign

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