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hey iam trying to get this server thing to work and so far the problem is that only one person can see my server in the steam list and he can connect fine but when he gives out that ip of what the server says no one else can join and when i check the server console after leaving it on all day hoping some one had joined all i see is stuff like
No challange (then an ip)
Old challange (then an ip)
bad challange (then an ip) and i just see stuff like that anyone kno what i can do
hmmm... i would say make sure you are giving out the right ip.. cuz if ur behind a router.. ull have to use the external ip.. not whats in the server consol.. but if someone can connect.. well that is from the internet anyways.. its not on ur local network or anything is it? other then that.. i dont' know.. it doesn't make sence that one person can join.. and not the others (unless that one person is on the same local network).

the bad challange. old challenge whatever.. i would kinda like to know what that is as well.. my server does the same thing.. but it works fine?
i run from behind a firewall.
i just opened the ports and NAT, and gave the ip to a friend of mine and it worked. but i get the bad \ no challenge stuff, other players have joined too. but i would like to know what the challenge stuff is :p

does the console say "Connection to Steam servers successful." ?
Yes, these messages all have to do with the enige, however I have not found ANY info on them...
me niether.. i gave up after about a day.. cuz yea.. it works, it would be kinda nice to know how to fix it?

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