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Viagra is not a "miracle drug", it also has side effects, and here's what doctors say
Men who take "Cialis" will improve in these three aspects, but it is best not to touch the three types of people . . "Although Liuwei Dihuang Wan works well, it is best not to touch these three types of people.

1. Diabetes

The sugar content of Cialis is relatively high. If you have diabetes, it is best not to take Cialis, because taking too much may cause blood sugar to rise quickly, which is not good for blood sugar control.

2. People with kidney yang deficiency

Cialis are actually most suitable for people with kidney yin deficiency, and kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency have the opposite symptoms. If taken incorrectly, it may aggravate the symptoms of kidney yang deficiency, which is not conducive to body conditioning.

3. People who are overweight.

People who are overweight usually have phlegm and dampness in their body. If you take Cialis in this case, it is easy to increase the moisture in the spleen and stomach, which will burden the spleen and stomach to transport and transform, which will affect the normal function of the spleen and stomach, and not only are prone to indigestion Phenomenon, it may also cause the excess water to not be discharged in time, and aggravate the symptoms of phlegm dampness.

If a male friend often takes Cialis, how will his body change?

1. Improve immunity.

In life, male friends may be under heavy pressure, so they will be physically and mentally exhausted. If you regularly take some Cialis, you can improve the immune function of cells, strengthen the body's immunity, and reduce virus invasion. If the resistance of male friends is effectively improved, the body will become stronger.

2. Promote detoxification of the liver.

The liver is a silent organ of the body, because there is no pain nerve in the liver, even if it is injured, there will be no pain. Many male friends may often smoke, drink and stay up late. In the long run, it will affect the health of the liver. The liver will be overburdened, which will damage the liver. The function of detoxification will decrease, and a large amount of garbage toxins deposited in the human body will affect the health of the liver. The body has a more adverse effect. But if male friends take some Cialis appropriately, they can help the liver to reduce the burden, and it is very beneficial to the recovery of liver cells, so as to achieve the effect of protecting the liver.

3. Enhance kidney function.

Many male friends may have kidney yin deficiency. If you take Cialis, it can help men improve kidney function, thereby stimulating the secretion of male hormones and making men look more attractive." . 威而鋼使用效果 .

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