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Which kind of server most popular for CSS?
I was wondering what server i should host that you think would be the most popular. I used to host a surf server about 2 years ago that was rpg and deathmatch and always had people in it and rarely went empty. Now it seems like surf servers are not as popular anymore or am i wrong? What do you think would be more popular and would get alot of people to join?
Like currency, I see something that has been happening lately with servers. Inflation. I used to have a DODS server that was full 50% of the time, and rarely never had people in it. Nothing special about it, other than the fact it had lots of orange maps. Now, I'm hosting the same server, with HLStatsX and more nice features, and I barely have people in it.

Inflation like this takes place when all the little 8 year olds are using their parents money to buy servers. Unfortunately, the number of players has not gone up as much. Hence, a bunch of empty servers Toungue
Deathmatch Dust2 servers are very popular, after 2 IP changes ours is still full throughout the day.

100 tick also helps, everyone seems to think it makes the world of difference and some will only play on 100 tick servers...
Clan of Doom:

alright well its on a home connection so a 100tic wont be possible lol, i used to hold a 18slot surf with no problem, but i dont know if i should do that again. Anyone else got anymore input?
GunGame is very popular, but so is deathmatch =\
My Simple-ish guide a CS:S srcds dedicated server

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