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Ping Differentiation Help! D:
in 3 years of working with SRCDS ive never encountered this but, ive recently done alot of cmd work with my server to help boost ping and prevent any lag at all, in game this worked completely, my ping in game is around 40-50, however when i go to the server browser my latency shows up as between 70-100, and this wouldnt be a problem at all if this wasnt a new server with no population, so if anyone has any advice on how to fix or any incite at all i am greatfull Big Grin
Do you mean the internet tab? When you search for new servers?
yeah and on the favorites tab too
When you refresh the internet tab, you're downloading alot of files.

In Steam do you then have the internet connection set to 2MBIT? (Something like that, the highest one).
yes i do, and im sure its not just me because my friends have been saying, better pings in game than latency in the server browser =\
You can't count on that. The real one is the one in "net_graph 3". As a client.

The pings in the server(internet tab) browser is always high, since you download alot of stuff down, when you refresh.

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