SRCDS Steam group - High Performance/Low Ping Game/Voice in VA/NJ- $2/Slot for CS:S!
#1, originally started in mid 2003, is in the business of hosting quality game servers!

Current Specials: Any CS/CZ or Source Public Server at PRIVATE Pricing (1.75/Slot for cs 1.6/CZ, and $2.00/Slot for CS:S)


Also available:

$40/Month for:
16 Player CS 1.6/CZero
20 Slot HLTV
20 Slot TeamSpeak 2
Web Hosting w/ 1GB Storage/10GB Bandwidth/DirectAdmin/installatron
(Domain registration an additional $6.95 for 1 year)

$50/Month for:
16 Player CS:Source
20 Slot HLTV
20 Slot TeamSpeak 2
Web Hosting w/ 1GB Storage/10GB Bandwidth/DirectAdmin/Installatron
(Domain Registration an additional $6.95 for 1 year)

These Packages are not advertised on the site, so please contact me using the information below if you're interested.

Our machines are:

Dual 3.06 GHz Xeon
2 GB Ram
120 GB HDs
100MBit Ports on a Multi-peered (~250 of them) OC3/GigE network

CS 1.6 Private @ 1.75/slot
Public @ 2.25/slot
(Adminmod and Metamod are preinstalled, StatsMe, HLTV, and others are available on request for free)

CS:Source Private @ 2.00/slot
Public @ 3.00/slot
(Currently Mani-Admin and SourceTV are preinstalled for every Source game)

and this list is just a small amount of what we offer!

10% Discount on ALL quarterly orders!

All Servers come with the following:
  • Full FTP access to your game server and files
  • Web Based Game Server control using the GameCP Control Panel! (start/stop/restart your server, submit trouble tickets, billing, edit configs, and more, all through your web browser!)
  • Numerous support contact options (AIM, MSN, IRC, Email, Phone)

We currently have locations in McLean Virginia and Parsippany NJ and will be expanding further in the near future.

Test Game IPs:

CS:Source: (NJ)
CS:Source: (VA)
CS 1.6

Order now, and have your server Automatically within minutes @ [url=""][/url]
(This link is also available off of the main site, under the "Game Offerings" section of the main index page)

TeamSpeak 2 is also available at great rates:
10 Slots - 4.99/Month
20 Slots - 8.99/Month
25 Slots - 11.99/Month
50 Slots - 19.99/Month
100 Slots - 29.99/Month
200 Slots - 59.99/Month
500 Slots - 129.99/Month

If you don't see what you're looking for, please ask and you'll be sure to get it!

Scott DeLeury
AIM: SDeLeury

[Edit: Reduced Prices on ALL CS Games. If you're looking for DoD, TFC, or the like, please feel free to inquire as we host those games as well!]
BlazinBarrels Game Server Hosting
AIM - BlazinBarrelsUS

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