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People cannot connect to my server
Hello, i just set up a tf2 server and i get it running and i can join it without any problems. The thing is, no one else can join. They will just get a message saying connection failed after 4 retries. I have already forwarded the required ports with my netgear router and set lan to 0 in console. Please help me
post your port fowarding setup.
A screen shot please.
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Here it is

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Doesn't look like you're forwarding the port it's running on. What port is it running on?
Msing, what do you mean by the port its running on?
beck92 Wrote:Msing, what do you mean by the port its running on?

in other words what port did you set the server to,
ex:27015(default) 27016,etc
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i did set it to 27015 witch is forwarded :S

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