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Server can't verify Steam Id's?
I've recently created a linux DS with CSS on it. The server appears on the list when I start it up (working) the ping is moving, however when anyone tries to join it it gives them a "Disconnect: Error verifying Steam UserID Ticket." error.

Any advice on how I could fix this issue would be amazingly appreciated.

I have Fedora 7 my specs are quite good with 4gigs of memory, and a 100mbps uplink (at the datacenter) The only firewall I have going is iptables and that's all she wrote basically.
from my experience thats a client side issue

have them goto the steam folder and delete steam.dll and clientregistry.blob(or something very similar) and restart steam
it's not just one person, it's basically everyone who tries joining the server. It'z bazaar
I've had this issue before too. Make sure you've updated your server. My understanding is that the -autoupdate option doesn't work on the Linux version of srcds, so you'll need to run the update manually. Any time Valve has come out with an update, I've had to manually update my server even when -autoupdate is in use. It gives me the same error you're getting until I run that manual update.

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