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Professional server optimization services.
Looking to increase the performance of your game servers without having to upgrade your equipment? By default operating systems aren't optimized to run game servers with performance in mind, with the services I offer, I make the operating system work in your favor. I have been working with linux and windows in a serving/hosting platform for nearly a decade. I've worked with several well known GSP and Web Hosting Providers as well and can provide references. Extensive professional experience working as an IT Consultant for several well known corporations such as Realogy, CIGNA, Corporate Synergies and so on.

[FULL Windows Optimization]
# Optimization of services (Disable many uneeded and insecure).
# Optimizing via gpedit. (Disable memory/processor utilizing functions)
# Optimizing via regedit. (Improving system performance and memory utilization)
# Optimizing via TweakUI (Reducing memory utilization)
# Configuration of DEP & Processor scheduling.
# Improve disk read/write performance
# Improve network thoroughput (via regedit/gpedit)
# Disable Netbios, File Sharing and QOS reserve bandwidth.
# uninstall unused Windows add-ons.
# Installation of system cleaner w/scheduled task for auto-run.
# And various other minor tweaks and configuration alterations.

One time fee of $35.

Typical memory utilization savings is typically 20-25% after completion.

[FULL Linux Optimization]
# Hand compiling of system kernel (All settings configured for performance)
# Remove Kernel bloat (uneeded drivers/addons)
# Enabled options for running 1000FPS servers.
# Installation of high resolution timer patch to kernel.
# Configuration of the param.h file for running 1000FPS servers.
# Customizing cflags & cxxflags & makeopts for performance.
# Hand tuning of kernel (sysctl) and network functions.
# Disable unused services and application startups.
# Improve disk read/write performance.

OS Supported: Most Linux Variants (CentOS, RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc)

One time fee of $39.

[Kernel Compile]
# Hand compiling of system kernel from source.
# Remove some kernel bloat.
# Compile with custom Cflags, Cxxflags & Make Options.
# Set all variables (incl. param.h) capable for 1000 FPS.

OS Supported: Most Linux Variants (CentOS, RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc)

One time fee of $25.


I am certified in linux+, msce, msca and server+

Individuals (non Game Server Providers) subtract $5 off any package.

Email: admin at viGeek dot net
AIM: Sensualism
Game Server Administration Services
Linux & Windows performance specialist.
I will be contacting you.
Derek Denholm, CEO, XFactorServers, INC.
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