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Unknown commands?
I am getting unknown commands when I use my server.cfg, even though all commands are in the Valve Developer Wiki

I get:
Unknown command "sv_minfailures"
Unknown command "mp_autoteambalance_delay"
Unknown command "mp_autobalance_warning_delay"
Unknown command "mp_stalemate"
Unknown command "sv_friction"
Unknown command "sv_hltv"
Unknown command "sv_maxspeed"
//Server name
hostname "Lyoko is Cool's Custom Map Server"

//Rcon Cvars
rcon_password "***************" //Set Remote Control password
sv_rcon_banpenalty 15 //number of minutes to ban useres who fail rcon
sv_rcon_log 1 //Rcon Logging
sv_rcon_Maxfailures 3//max number of times to fail rcon
sv_minfailures 3//number of times user can fail rcon in sv_rcon_minfailuretime
sv_rcon_minfailuretime 60//number of seconds to track

//Server Password
//sv_password "*****************"

//Server Cvars
//All time numbers are in seconds unless otherwise specified
mp_autoteambalance 1//Toggle Team Balance
mp_autoteambalance_delay 150//Time to wait to balance
mp_autobalance_warning_delay 60//Time to wait to print balance warning
mp_allowspectators 0//Toggle allow spectators
mp_bonusroundtime 10//Humiliation time
mp_maxrounds 7 //Number of rounds to play before map switches
mp_restartround 11//time to wait before restarting round
mp_stalemate 1//Toggle Stalemate
mp_stalemate_timelimit 300
mp_timelimit 30//Time limit of maps (minutes)
mp_winlimit 4//max number of rounds a team can win before map change
mp_disable_respawn_times 0 //Toggle respawn times
//mp_respawnwavetime 5//Length of Respawn wait time

sv_downloadurl ""
sv_allowdownload 1//Toggle allow server to client downloads
sv_allowupload 1//Allow clients to upload custom files
sv_alltalk 1//Toggle All Talk
sv_contact "*********************"//Server op contact email
sv_friction 4//Change amount of friction (default 4)
sv_gravity 600//Change amount of gravity (default 600)
sv_hltv 0//Toggle HLTV
sv_lan 0//Turns off LAN connects
sv_maxrate 0//Max bandwidth rate (0=unlimited)
sv_maxspeed 320//Change max player speed (default 320)
sv_timeout 65//Number of seconds without a message to client before client is dropped
think_limit 10//Maximum think time in milliseconds, warning printed if exceeded (default 0)
the vars might be old and no longer used.
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