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Connection problems dedicated server

I have been searching the internet but I cannot seem to find a solution to my problem:

I have my own server on the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, which is running 2 dedicated HL2DM servers on a Windows 2003 server. Both servers are configured exactly the same way with a difference in maps and one server on the 27015 port and another on the 27016 port.

These servers worked like a charm until a few days ago. I can connect perfectly to the server running on the 27015 port, but I can no longer connect to the other server. Even if I change the port etc. Other people can connect though, it seems to be local. I have tried switching off firewalls, etc and the banlists but that didn't help.

I get the 'Connection failed after 4 retries' error. Can anybody help me please?

If you need more information about the situation I am happy to give you the details.
Only reason I can think of is the firewall blocking the ports but if you already turned them off and tried it, it might be the hoster of the server blocking them.
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