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rcon problems
I'm getting the famous "Unable connect to remote server ( IP ) " error when trying to access rcon. Heres the situation, I'm running a fresh install of fedora core 7 (all latest updates ) with firewall / se disabled. I'm behind a router but I have the linux box (which runs my tf2 server set to dmz at the moment. So i'm 99.9% there is no firewalls blocking the server. On a side note, people outside (wan) are able to connect to my server. I have my rcon password set in the server.cfg file. When I try to connect from my dad's computer to rcon I get the above error msg. I've taken the advice of other posts and inserted the rcon_address command with my wan ip in the server cfg. I've also made sure to run that command before entering the rcon_password command trying both wan and lan ip. When I type the password in, I get no response as if it was the wrong password. When I type just rcon in the console I get the above error. This is my first time using linux / fedora core 7, is there any other hidden firewalls that could be blocking just the rcon? Is there something else I could try to make this work? Suggestions?

Thanks for your time -

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