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how mani games srv instance per HW server type
Dear all,
I want to rent a dedicated server but prior I would like to be able to "predict" the number of instances I will be able to run onto without quality defect (tick 100 guarranted)
So except I know that 20 or 22 slots looks like the max for tick 100
it looks like it's a well kept secret cooking receipt because no much data is availaible on the topic and usually when there is it's here and there so difficult to get a consistent idea.
The topic is for sure how many games server instances of how mani slots a dedicated hardware server can manage (in average) depending of the hw, os and # slots.

I do volunteer to make a summary if enough people are sharing their current setup so we can try to get a predictable performance expectation versus hw
I believe the following data points are important to be collected in this exercise:

game instance type (CS Source, BF2, DOD etc... or not or any other btw)
Description of the game instances:
Instance X: game 1 # slots: from 2 to 64 tick 33/66/100
OS type:linux or windows
Distribution Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu, other, Windows
Cpu Brand: Intel or AMD
CPU type: PIV/Core 2 Duo/Athlon64/Opteron/Athlon 2x64 and speed and/or
model : Core 2 Duo 6600 for exemple or AMD64 4200x2
memory size: 512/1024/2048/4096 Kbytes
Network bandwith:10/15/25/50/100 Mbits/sec
Disk type: ATA/SATA/SCSI
Raid: yes/no

thanks in advance for your contribution, all together we can be much much more "inteleligent", I'm talking mainly about myself here....

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Well here's basically how it fits together:

The maximum amount of slots for a 100 tickrate server is 18, we have tested and above 18 there's a good chance of lag/telporting showing up, doors not opening correctly, guns glitch and things like that.
The reason why it's so "secret" is because nobody seems to be able to pinpoint the exact problem, when you look at the statistics of the server or look on the server monitor you will not see anything going wrong, but it can be crazy laggy in the server.

I have a C2D 6600 4MB, 2x 512mb DDR2 golden memory sticks @800MHz, 1Gbit/s network, S-ATA2 HDD @ 7200rpm, no raid. It can hold around 100 slots mixed 75 and 100 tickrate, running deathmatch, gungame, normal css and a surf.

PIV 2.8GHz 512kb, 2x 512mb DDR @400MHz, 1Gbit/s network, S-ATA HDD @7200rpm, no raid. Holds about 40 slots at 100 tickrate.

PIV 3.0GHz 1MB, 2x 1GB & 2x 512MB DDR @400MHz, 1Gbit/s network, S-ATA HDD @10krpm, no raid. Holds around 50 slots at 100 tickrate.

PIII 933MHz 256kb, 2x256MB & 1x 128MB @133MHz, 1Gbit/s network, IDE HDD @7200rpm, no raid. Holds 15 slots at 100 tick.

All the above running out of processing power, memory hardly reaches 40%, network not even 8%.
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Drocona Wrote:...

PIV 3.0GHz 1MB, 2x 1GB & 2x 512MB DDR @400MHz, 1Gbit/s network, S-ATA HDD @10krpm, no raid. Holds around 50 slots at 100 tickrate.


HI Drocona, thanks for your inputs after investigation I came almost at the conclusion or best "guestimates" around your different setup.
I'll give a try on this platform:
Core2duo Core2duo E6400 2*2,13 GHz with 1 gb mem (potentially 2 I will see) to run a 22 slots I'll see the appropriate tick and a 18 slots.
If still vigourous a small casual 12 slots for matchs "on the fly"

What would you recommend as the best linux distribution, Debian (ease of use and well know in the market and internet) or gentoo (looks like a good choice for gaming) ?

give centos a try, it's easy to learn and easy to re-compile for 1000fps if you want

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