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After a couple of hours of trying to solve my script out, I thought that it was far too good to be wasted on my own servers and I try to offer it to everyone for free.
I dont actually host the maps myself, but they are being downloaded from
your gameserver in realtime and then transmitted to the client.
It practically works as a "ftp2web" converter who then sends the map to the client. The first 10 requestsers will be given the option to activate an "on-the-fy" bz2 compression, which will then make the maps up to 300% smaller for the clients to download.

Please note that this offer is only for non-commercial environment

What does the proxy do?
It opens a ftp connection to your gameserver and fetches the map.
If you are one of the lucky first 10 to request this proxy, it will bz2-compress the map in realtime.

What are the advantages?
You never have to update or manuelly upload maps to the download folder anymore! As the maps are fetched on request it is also very dynamic and won't have corrupt data!

What are the disadvantages?
Your gameserver will have the same amount of traffic as if you didnt use fastdownload as the maps are downloaded in realtime.
If you are one of the people who get bz2-Compression, please note that the server takes a few sec to compress it (up to 300% compression ratio, but only for maps smaller than 50MB)

How long do you offer the service?
Undefined. The service will never turn commercial or be limited in any direction, but we can only have a certain numer per clients on each server (and currently only have 1server...)

I have a root-Server. Can I help?
Sure... we always need more proxy-servers and would like to offer other gamer-oriented free services too (currenly we also offer psychostats3-Hosting f.ex.)

What do you need in order to set the service up
We need an ftp account to your "cstrike"/"dod"/"hl2mp" (or whatever) Server, with read-access to the "maps", "sounds", "models", "gfx" and "sprites".
Any ftp account where this folder is included will be fine.
We can assure you, that we won't change anything or try to extract any other informations than the download-files.
If you are unsure, feel free to contact us so that we can set up a real contract, so that you can take us to court if we break it.

I want the script. Can I have it?
Yes! But only in a few weeks, as we are currently still working on it.
Please note that it wont work on most commercial webspaces out there, as it needs MAX_RAM in php.ini set to the same level as your biggest map. (i you have de_wanda f.ex it's 130MB)

I'm interested. How can I contact you?
Email: d4fseeker [at]
ICQ: 248-978-444
MSN: d4f [at]

Please note that the service might have short downtimes at the beginning as the script is not 100% finished yet

EXAMPLES (updated)
No compression:
Q: What would an omnipotent computer to?
A: Get rid of humanity!
I get this error with ur examples - "No such key"

But I would be interested in taking a look at ur script!
That happens, if the customers of the hoster i originally made this system for (and whose key's I am using for the demo) have to change server Wink
Sorry for that Wink

Please contact me icq (248-978-444) or msn (d4f [NOSPAM] rechnerwelt [dotted] com).
I will glady send you the script in its current version, altough I am atm developing a new version with a few extras and an admin center, but that one isnt finished yet Sad

Again: please note that only your own root-server / managed-server can handle the map transfers, as they need MUCH Ram and CPU time!
Q: What would an omnipotent computer to?
A: Get rid of humanity!

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