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Mani Admin Plug-in for Counter Strike Source

The Mani Admin Plug-in is a feature rich menu driven admin administration tool for Counter Strike Source that emulates the AMX Mod currently in use on CS1.6.

Admin Features

High Ping Kicker
Reserve Slot Management
War Mode for clan wars with overview_mode enforcement
Weapon Restrict (per map or default for all maps)
Play Sound (unlimited sounds)
Explode effect
Say (from console or in game using @)
Admin only Say (from console or in game using @)
Rcon commands and menu lists
Plug-in control
Execute commands on player clients or whole teams via menu and client console
Restrictions on what admins can do
Word filtering in chat messages
Admins added by IP Address and/or Steam ID
Setup feature restrictions for different admins
Use of aliases within config files to make menu system easier to use

General Features

Nextmap (console or from say command)
Listmaps (console)
Votemap (console or from say command)
TheTime (console or from say command)
Timeleft (console or from say command)
ATAC style team kill/team wound protection (compatible with bots)
Statistics (top/rank/statsme) also dumped to text file
Talk directly to admins in game using @ message
Compatible with bots

Map specific features
Restrict weapons on map load
Execute rcon commands on map load (sv_gravity, mp_freezetime etc)
this is uh, already mentioned on the forums..
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I'm guessing this Admin mod uses a lot of CPU ??

Cain Wrote:I'm guessing this Admin mod uses a lot of CPU ??

I don't notice a lot of cpu resources being used up by this plugin
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Cain Wrote:I'm guessing this Admin mod uses a lot of CPU ??

Maybe 2-3%. Come on, let's not split hairs here. But plese note here the server does crash at random. Still need to look into why it is. I am still fairly new to the Linux sceen with MandrakeLinux as my choice flavor and highly recomended from a friend.

I am the proud owner/server operator of Krillin's World CS:Source dedicated server. We run with 4 bots and Mani Admin MOD. But keep in mind we also have a very popular Counter-Strike SuperHeroMOD server running 5 MODS and it's own processes.

The PC is PIII 1GHz w/512MB of PC133 on a MandrakeLinux 10.1 using the kernel Operating System Build and run the KDE destop GUI. (soon upgrading to a P4 2.0c w/512MB PC2100 DDR RAM) Our CPU usage varies from 10-20% CPU usage empty with empty CS and CS:S servers and 30-55% with a handfull of players in CS and CS:Source and fluxuations from 45%-90% sometimes spiking out 100% when hackers connect with full a CS players and a 3-6 players in CS:Source. CS:Source and Condition Zero use more resources with the bots running in a server. Bots can also add about 4-6% per bot or more. But what is a good server if the CPU is sitting in idle all the time. Any server sitting in idle is a server wasting our natural reources and should be shutdown.

I recently switch from a Windows to Linux Fully Dedicated Server about two weeks ago. Linux Dedicated servers are much more easier to manage and update with little disturbances from updates and useless running process.

I tested HLDS & SRCDS on a PII 450MHz and players told me pings were better. When I got OpenGL flowing some players asked me what I did because it looked better to them as well and the performance was still there for a week and a half. So I scrapped the Windows Build for a Linux server on the PIII I always used. Which I done this switch years ago!

I've been running serves for the past 5 years, Counter-Strike HLDS for 4 years. So I speak from alot of expriance and an Expert in my feild in Computers. These servers I run are something I do as a hobbie in my spare time for kicks.

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hmm eversince i installed mani i cant join my server, and i dont think nayone else can either cause it doesnt appear on the server list. but before that it worked fine. this ever happen to anyone?
wow this thread is 2 years old :O

I never had problems with mani...
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pls any body can guide me how to use mani plugin for my css server because i have install it according to some insturctions and also change my server.cfg to run mani plugin and now i am palying game in my server tell me how can i use mani's to admin game plsssssssss

Drocona Wrote:wow this thread is 2 years old :O

I never had problems with mani...
Read the FAQ's, or the Tutorials.
If you have set your self as admin go into your client console and type
bind v admin
then press v ingame
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Damnit... stop resurrecting threads that are years old without a reason!
I even told the last guy that resurrected this one it was old!
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