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srcds.exe won't start! please help!
Clicking on srcds.exe in the hl2server folder does nothing.

I am new to programing. Should I use Command Prompt?
When I open Command Prompt I see... C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>

What should I type exactly to run srcds.exe?

I tried using what someone else posted as a possible solution but it failed to find the path.    c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp +map dm_runoff -maxplayers 6 -autoupdate

Should I edit the Batch file for hl2dm? What should I type exactly and where for it to update? I've run the default update without editing it and it says hl2dm up to date.

Please help!
You have to point the commandline in a shorcut to the place where you installed the server.

You don't need any programming knowledge at all..

so you say it failed to find c:\SRCDS\srcds.exe
instead of C:\srcds enter your install path
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I see.
I'm just going to reinstall Steam.exe and then reinstall the standalone srcds.exe and hope this resolves the issue.

Thanks for your help once again!

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