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Some clients not able to dnload maps
Ok I'm always runnin into sumpin that gets me and it usually not being able to see the forest for the trees. lol... I am no nube to CS:S been playin since beta and have been adminin for some time.

Now.. I have my fast dnloads and all the mime types set so all textures and everything else goes to clients but heres the prob..
Not all clients that join the server can dnload the map. Some are getting the map differs and I have told them how to fix that.
The other thing is cant download missing map ???
makes no sence because others are able to dnload it as well as all other files pertaining to server. Reading up on the issue I have heard that either the client has a ping out issue and some clients having the map prob run 20-30 pings not it and the other thing I heard was the map changing while dnloading. And the clients also having the prob are unable to dnload during the begining of map. Now I do have my files bzip2 so the transfer happens faster and i know it isnt that because i had the problem before bzipin the files. Bzip2 also works well with source so that shouldnt be the issue..
So what do u think forum gurus????
What could it be?

they can dnload the map from our web page or a map site just getting probs with the server. heres my Ip lots of customs and see if it gives u a problem..
Thanks for any help you can give.

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I was thinking it may be an issue with a client setting that was hindering the process. As we all know Steam has vac but tells every1 how to change their client side comands to enhance their proformance. lol...
"inhance" i like the word except it seems to cause problems with servers and i think after reviewing some of the game enhancers that their hacks . But thats just me..

but i was thinking more along the lins of cl_allowdownload 1
cl_allow_download 1
cl_download_max 0 //unlimited number of files

Dont know..

what do u guys think
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Are some people able to download them? any custom files that is.

if so the problem is on the client.
if no-one can the problem is on the server
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yes some clients can and some cant the server runs great and I dont know what settings the could do to corect after reviewing my last post can you think of any others or wich 1 of the ones I've posted might be the 1 to fix??
Still frustrated lol
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the problem lies with the client, nothing you can do about that.
They just disabled the downloads or did some weird stuff I don't know about.

Only thing besides that what I can think of is that the files that should be downloaded are in a non-public place or something that some people don't have access to?
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