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Ok so i am runnign a server.... i was lookin at the steam forums and it said go into c:\srcds\cstrike\motd.txt to configure my MOTD on my server.... i have done this but it wont change!!! do i need to restart the server for it to change? Also could you post a motd script so i can just fill my own information taht would help a lot... thanx for the help!!! Sean
Yes you have to restrt the server and i would give you the script but im at the library at the later today ill post mine and you can change it up abit


P.S. If you got ?s, email me ( or xfire (nlsbullet)
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lol yea.. basic of a motd.txt file. it works the same as a html file, and you do have to restart the server for it to show.

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