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And they've probably already been answered before. But I gotta ask them anyway.

Nearly a year ago, I ran my first TF2 server. Twas an idle server and quite successful. I ended up cancelling my monthly payments to the site I purchased the server from.

But I just went and purchased a server again. As it's been quite awhile, I've forgotten many things, and am in need of assistance.

1. Does anyone have a basic idle server-style server.cfg they can post? I read Beck's tutorial and I don't remember half the cvars on that list of his being on my server.cfg over a year ago. I've got a fast download thing as well, so the download url cvar should be on the CFG somewhere

2. Where can I obtain the Roll the Dice mod for my server? (I know, "Google it". I did, but I don't trust alot of sites that offer things like this for download) Is there a download link to it on these forums somewhere?

3. I played on a server that had donor abilities such as having 999 baseballs (as a Scout) and 999 Jarate (as a Sniper), as well as a "/glow" command (gave you an Unusual hat effect around your head) and "/dark" which made the character go like, pitch black. Is there a server mod that offers these features? If so, where would I obtain it? I'm not sure if I want to set up donor features yet, but just incase, I'd like to have this type of thing on standby.

Thank you for any help.
1: You need to set the kick idle players var to 0
2: Alliedmodders
3: You probably need to code it yourself

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